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Vision completes Mains Powered V5 Range

Vision Products (Europe) Ltd. has completed its range of market leading 5-wire Multiswitches with the introduction of mains powered 24 and 32-way models, and now offers both an AC and a DC version of the entire V5 range.

Approved by BSkyB for use with Sky, Sky+ and Sky+HD systems, the V5-524MP and V5-532MP were previously only available in line powered models, whilst the 8, 12 and 16-output models have been offered in a choice of line or mains powered versions.

Designed for IRS installations, the total of 5 passive terrestrial and amplified satellite inputs have level controls for signal balance and offer greater system reach, feeding up to 80m.

Each group of 8 outputs has -2dB of stepped gain difference to allow easy signal level equalisation on long and short subscriber runs, so that optimum signal balance is achieved at every point throughout the system.

The 32-output V5-532MP means that up to 32 points can be served from a single multiswitch, and when used in larger tapped systems the fully active switches can feed up to 160 points without the need for supplementary launch amplification. Whatís more, the mains powered models provide enough power on the trunk to drive a further four line powered multiswitches and an LNB. These mains powered multiswitches can also power a masthead amplifier.

Visionís V5 series is already renowned for its low current consumption and these two new mains powered versions have the added feature of switch-mode power supply, meaning greater energy efficiency and reduced heat generation for durability. As well as a significant saving on power, the compact design also means significantly less space is needed, with the outputs arranged in two rows on each side.

Apart from the performance of its products, Vision is also renowned for the thought it gives to ease of installation. Reflecting this, the V5-524MP and V5-532MP have colour-coded inputs to simplify cable connections and an LED indicator for instant verification of power supply. Earth bonding bars are fitted as standard to outputs for compliance with cable and earthing regulations as well as to ensure minimal signal degradation.

To assist installers, particularly on larger IRS systems, Vision offers a complementary planning and design service from people who know the product to help get the optimum results from its high performance equipment.

The V5 series also includes a range of taps, splitters and mains or line-powered head-end amplifiers, and all are available from leading aerial and satellite wholesalers.